Month: September 2016

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Know Your Blood Type

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Many people don’t know what blood type they have. You may think it isn’t important because hospitals check your blood type before surgeries anyway, right? In most cases, they do,

7 Simple Ways to Avoid Cancer

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The American Cancer Society has estimated that in 2014 there would be approximately 1.6 million new cancer cases diagnosed. Currently, heart disease is the most common cause of death in

5 Easy Ways to Get and Keep Healthy Cholesterol Levels

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Do you know how good your levels of cholesterol are? It’s something that many of us don’t typically think of all the time, except when we need to go to

4 Reasons Why You Need to Get Regular Check-Ups with Your Doctor

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There are several reasons why we might not get regular check-ups with our doctors. We’re too busy. We’re too afraid of what might be diagnosed. We think we’re impervious to

No Doctor’s Note? No Problem! Just Walk In!

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Convenience is something we don’t know we have until it is gone. The easiness of a task is never really appreciated until it becomes daunting and dreaded. And, as humans,

Hey, Doctors! Get Your Patients’ Blood Tested In-Office with Labtest Diagnostics!

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Doctors, we know how challenging your job can be at times. You work all day to deduce what ails your patients, come up with the right solutions to help your

Labtest Makes Getting Appointments Super Easy With Our Online Scheduling Feature!

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After days or weeks of trying to delay the inevitable, your spouse, relative, or friend has finally convinced you to get a test done for whatever illness, curiosity, or doubt

4 Ways Labtest Diagnostics Enhances the Patient and Physician Experience!

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There are many things that we value as human beings. Time and technology are undoubtedly up there on the list. We are always looking for better, faster technology that will

8 Ways You Can Lower Your Chances of a Heart Attack, Heart Disease, and Stroke

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February is National Heart Health Awareness Month, and it’s the perfect time to clue in to your heart and assess your health. After all, cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause

5 Things to Do Before and During a Blood Test

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Getting a blood test done is probably not your idea of a good time, but it can be vital when it comes to assessing your health! Because a huge majority

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