4 Reasons Why You Need to Get Regular Check-Ups with Your Doctor

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There are several reasons why we might not get regular check-ups with our doctors. We’re too busy. We’re too afraid of what might be diagnosed. We think we’re impervious to disease and too young and healthy to need a doctor. Research has shown, however, that regular check-ups can actually save lives – both in young and old people! Here is why you should get regular check-ups! Build a Relationship With Your Doctor – We never plan to be sick or think that we’ll fall ill, but it does happen sometimes. If you know your doctor is familiar with you, then he or she will be able to treat you more effectively. Your doctor will know what your strengths and weaknesses are, which medicines you are allergic to, and which medications could work best for you. Construct a Clear Health History – Getting a regular check-up also helps establish your health history, which your doctor can reference whenever possible problems emerge. You can also make a more accurate case history and an overview if you ever happen to wind up in the emergency room. Ease Your Worries – Have you ever just sat there and worried if something is wrong with you because you were physically feeling a certain way? Fight back the worry you may feel by having regular check-ups as a preventative measure! Tests such as immunizations, cancer screenings, blood pressure testing, medication reviews, cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and many more can be incredibly effective if handled during a regular checkup. Don’t let fear stop you – go ahead and get checked out! Receive Comprehensive Care – Those who visit with their doctors on a regular basis and follow their doctor’s advice have the ability to receive a more comprehensive level of care, along with more appropriate services than someone who only shows up when an issue arises. That’s because the doctor can factor in your history, patient profile, living habits, and your record of treatments that have worked in whatever problems may arise. You won’t get this type of care if you show up only when there’s a problem. We recommend seeing your doctor at least once a year to ensure that your body is healthy and strong! If you simply need tests to be done, whether for your own peace of mind or by the order of your doctor, come to the quickest, most accurate laboratory around – Labtest Diagnostics. Call us at (314) 522-8378 or visit us online at to see what type of tests we provide!

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