4 Simple Steps to Help Prevent (and Manage) Arthritis Pain

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Are you one of the many people who suffer from stiff joints and limited mobility or do you have a loved one who suffers from similar pain? Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in people over the age of 55 and most commonly seen in the forms of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. This debilitating condition prevents you from doing simple, everyday activities and is a constant nuisance. While arthritis is not always preventable, it can be managed through proper care and healthy habits. Here are 4 ways you help prevent or manage your arthritis pain! Controlling Your Weight- The bones and joints in our body are what support our weight. Being overweight or obese puts a significant strain on your joints, wearing them down slowly. If you are just 10 pounds overweight, the force on your knee as you take each step increases by 30 to 60 pounds, according to Johns Hopkins. Over time, the extra weight carried by your joints breaks down the cartilage that acts as a cushion for them. Cytokines, proteins produced by fat tissue, also cause inflammation in the body. These destructive proteins are made and released as you gain weight. Exercising- Weight loss as a result of exercising not only reduces the amount of stress placed on your joints, but also builds muscle mass. These muscles are strengthened around the joints, protecting them from wear and tear. Exercise does not have to be rigorous in order to protect your joints, but it must be regular. Stretching and aerobic exercises also help with flexibility and joint mobility. Protect Your Joints – We are all aware that injuries are not always avoidable, but being mindful of how you use your body can help you avoid pain in the future. Always lift heavy objects with your knees rather than your back and carry items close to your body to avoid putting excess strain on your wrists. If you are an athlete, it is important to always wear the protective gear and equipment in order to avoid injury. In addition to wearing physical protection, it is important to make sure you are using the right techniques while sitting and standing as well. Good posture and sleeping on a firm mattress also aid in supporting your joints. Drink Plenty of Water- As if there aren’t already enough reasons to drink more water, add arthritis prevention to the list. The cartilage surrounding your joints is made up mostly of water, which is what makes it such a great cushion for your bones. Lack of water causes dehydration, which then pulls the water from the cartilage, weakening it and making it more susceptible to wear and tear. So along with many other benefits, drinking 6-8 cups of water per day now can ultimately help you in the long run. While arthritis pain is manageable, it is not always curable. Don’t suffer through the pain any longer. Give our team at Labtest Diagnostics a call today at (314) 522-8378 and find out how you can receive help!

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