4 Ways Labtest Diagnostics Enhances the Patient and Physician Experience!

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There are many things that we value as human beings. Time and technology are undoubtedly up there on the list. We are always looking for better, faster technology that will save us time. This is valued in many aspects of our lives, even when it comes to medical lab results. It is important that physicians receive your lab tests quickly to further help you! See how Labtest Diagnostics provides the services that you and your physician prefer below. Faster Turnaround – Waiting around for something can be exasperating, especially if that something is a sensitive lab result that may reveal health issues. Our lab results are returned quickly and accurately within 24-48 hours. Receiving time-sensitive information within the next business day could help you stay current on your health. This is also a great resource for businesses that need rapid drug test results to hire prospective employees. Without the wait time, your business can grow faster and more efficiently! Paperless Convenience – Receiving your lab test could be as easy as checking your e-mail! Through our online services you can print and download your results privately without having to call and get them faxed or sent over. No need to speak to five different people to try to get your results; you have full access of your results anytime you need them. Not only is it environmentally friendly to do online records but it is also a win-win situation for physicians and patients by providing direct and open communication. Physician Benefits – Typically it would take several days to transfer your results to a physician, but with our online access your physician can see the results and get back to you more quickly. They can simply visit our “Doctors Login” page on our website to find your results, eliminating multiple conversations. With this feature, productivity increases, which is beneficial for all! We also maintain HIPAA confidentiality at all times while providing faster communication between you and your physician. Time-Saving Strategies – We respect your time and don’t want you to waste it waiting for your appointment; we provide online scheduling so you can set a time that works for you! Freeing your wait time will accelerate the whole process and lead to faster results, which is our ultimate goal. See how Labtest Diagnostics can help bring you and your physician together and save you both time! Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @LabTestSTL for more information!

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