5 Powerful Benefits of Working with Labtest Diagnostics

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When it comes to getting blood work done or having other important tests conducted, you will no doubt want the best to handle everything and give you the results you need quickly and accurately. Not only will you want someone who is incredibly capable and accurate in getting the job done, but you will also want a company who will work with you and take care of your results compassionately and professionally. Labtest Diagnostics is the perfect place for you to address all of your test result needs. We marry accuracy and skill with care for the client in all that we do, and we love what we do every day! Here are 5 great benefits you will experience when you work with us at Labtest Diagnostics! We Can Come to You – Sometimes it’s difficult or even impossible to leave your home or office. Maybe you’re homebound or physically unable or unfit to come out to see us. Great news – Labtest Diagnostics can come to you now! We now offer mobile phlebotomy services. These new services will help save you time and energy and will give you the peace of mind you come to expect when it comes to drug testing and getting blood drawn. We come out for the homebound, those living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, and even corporate drug screenings and blood work for companies! You Don’t Become a Number – When you are our patient, you are just that – a patient. You don’t become some faceless number with Labtest Diagnostics. You have a name and a life, and you mean a lot to us! We Use Cutting-Edge Technology – Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve in the laboratory industry. That often means staying on top of the latest and greatest technology. Our laboratory is fully equipped with top-notch technology, which helps us provide you superior service at all times. We are constantly improving ourselves to make sure that you get the best service possible! We Work Quickly and Accurately – Your tests are at the utmost importance for us. That’s why we do 95% of our tests in-house and make sure you get your results within 48 hours. In fact, 99% of our tests are completed in 24 hours, and we can track every sample with 100% accuracy and liability, which means you get the results in a secure and timely fashion. That’s how much your tests mean to us. You Will Work With a Reputable Company – Over the years, we have carved out a sturdy, formidable reputation for ourselves in the field of pathology services. We didn’t get our good reputation just because of the variety of services we offer – we have a proven track record for adherence to international standards and benchmarks. With our labs full of cutting-edge technology, are competent in the field of laboratory medicine, which encompasses toxicology, clinical pathology, routine biochemistry, special chemistry, immunoassays, microbiology, hematology, serology, transplantation and special immunology. You won’t find another company as skilled as we are. Are you looking for a place to get your blood tested or get other work done? Why consider anywhere else? Choose Labtest Diagnostics for all of your testing needs. Call us at (314) 522-8378 or visit us at to get started today!

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