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  The criteria on this sheet are only a guideline to help keep our lab running smoothly. We are always willing to work with you —just reach out to our friendly customer service team!  

Preferred Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type Flow Cytometry Cytogenetics FISH1 Molecular1 Immunostains
Peripheral Blood2     Lavender3  or Green Top4     Lavender Top3 Not Applicable
Bone Marrow     10% Formalin or Paraffin Block
Lymph  Node or Tissue (Fresh)   Tissue Media Tissue Media RNA Fixative or 10% Neutral Buffer
Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded     Not Applicable   Paraffin Block or Unstained Slides     Paraffin Block5   Paraffin Block or Unstained Slides
Fine Needle Aspirate   Tissue Media     Cell Block
Body Fluid6 Sterile Container
  1 Decalcified samples not suitable        2  Please provide copy of CBC if available        3 Lavender Top: EDTA Green Top: Sodium Heparin        5 Only for some tests; contact us for details        6 Minimum of 5 mL is preferred