Labtest Diagnostics Is Now Offering Mobile Phlebotomy Services!

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We know that blood tests are vital and essential to diagnoses, but what happens when you are unable to leave your home or office to get one done? Do you choose to put it off to another time in which you are able to physically go, or do you just discard the idea and forget about it all together? Great news! Labtest Diagnostics is now offering our mobile phlebotomy services to homebound patients in the Greater St. Louis area. Our new mobile phlebotomy services will help save you time and energy and will also give you a greater peace of mind if you’re not physically able to get to a doctor’s office or to a hospital for a drug test or a blood drawing. These services are especially useful for those who are in nursing home facilities, assisted living facilities, and schools for the mentally challenged as well. Corporate businesses, our new services can benefit you, too! When you use our mobile phlebotomy services, you will be saving time and money in providing corporate drug screenings and blood work for your staff members. Our mobile phlebotomy services can also be used at your next company drug screening and health fairs. Why did we decide to implement these new services? To better serve you, of course! We decided to implement this new system because we strongly believe that blood tests are too important to miss or postpone, and we want you, our patient, to rely on us for all of your testing needs! From here on out, we will travel to your home, office, or other desired location to conduct our tests and then deliver your blood reports directly to your physician’s office within 24 hours of testing. For a small convenience fee of $15, you can partake in our new mobile services. You can sit back in your home, room, or office and let us come to you, and you won’t have to worry about getting the results to your physician – we take care of it all! Interested in using our new mobile phlebotomy services? Got any questions for us? Feel free to call us at 314-522-8378 for more information, to see if you’re in our service area, or to get started today! We are here to serve you with our superior, cost-efficient services!

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